Hi! Welcome to Tutus and Tarot, which is so much more than tutus and tarot. In fact, I’ve never worn a tutu (to my knowledge).

When I started this blog, I had been thinking about writing one for a while, but my interests are not necessarily neatly packaged for optimum blogging. But I got over it, and now I hope to share slightly structured, but still relatively random, thoughts on everything from fitness to baking to my early foray into tarot reading.  And, of course, ballet.

I am a novice at pretty much everything I am going to blog about, so don’t expect perfect photos and expert recipes. I just want to share little snippets of my not-so-extraordinary life with total strangers. Caveat emptor, tout le monde!

(I will also randomly insert French. Sorry-not-sorry.)

Oh, about me?

Nothing terribly special. I’m a wife-aspiring ballerina-lyric soprano-weightlifter-baker-oenophile. I do PR type work most days, though my writing might lead you to believe otherwise, and I am a part-time Airman in the Air National Guard. I love ampersands and semicolons, and I treasure my pets. And what may actually be the most relevant piece of information for such an eclectic blog: I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, so I guess that’s part of why I’m here with you.

On y va!